The theme of 2021 GUYU Art Show is:

The Closest Distance

"What is the closest distance?

Could it be that I look through your eyes, and get into your mind?
 Through your smile, I see sunshine.

Could it be that under the same sky, 
 I work day and night, for you to live my life."

In science, by far the closest distance we know in the world is the distance between quarks. In poem “The Furthest Distance in the World”, Ranbindranath Tagore says the closest distance in the world is not that a person physically standing in front of the other, but for the two hearts understanding and loving each other. 

In the art world, artists bring out the theme in different ways. In her performance work “The Artist Is Present”, Marina Abramovic explores the closest distance between herself and the strangers physically and emotionally; Leonardo da Vinci’s painting surpasses time so that the subject in the painting and the viewers can connect; Brazilian artist Helio Oiticica reproduces a corner of favela in a museum outside of his hometown Brazil so that viewers who had never seen a favela can get a chance to access the place unknown to them. 

Genuine art work that speaks for the artist creates the closest distance. Such art works surpass time, space and invisible borders. 

As a contemporary artist, how would you create The Closest Distance? 

The mediums which applicants submit for the 2021 GUYU Art Show can include but is not limit to installation, sculpture, painting, drawing, print, video, performance, and sound, etc. Living in the shadow of COVID-19, let us explore what is the closest distance in the form of art!


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