The theme of 2020 GUYU Art Show is:

Reimagine City

"Once a piece of land,
I am a place where people prosper or decline.
People plan and build according to their dreams,
When I wake up, I am a city,
What is my dream?

I remember being a land:
The wind blows through the hills, the river flows, and everything grows.
When I wake up, I'm no longer what I am,
What is my dream?

People have new dreams, new technologies every day,
I hope to be inclusive, innovative, healthy, affectionate and prosperous,
I am a city, what is my future? 
What is my dream? "

You can reimagine city. Start with your imagination, whether it's real or fictional. Think about the impact of science and technology on people in modern life, the future changes of urban ecology. What about the elements in nature, and connect forests, rivers, mountains, the sun and the sky? What is the significance of the things that accompany us for thousands of years and the natural gifts that were once available to us?

You can activate your art intuition:
Consider the relationship between nature and urban development,
You are the forerunner of GUYU Art Show. Imagine it!