In 2022, the theme of GUYU Art Show is:

The world had changed

I thought,
The world seems to have changed.
So I slow down 
and feel the world.

Brush, film, camera, tape…
(these)are evidence of changes in things around us 
and changes in our hearts.
As soon as the picture turns,
everything has changed;

The sky outside the window is still blue,
Sun still shine on the corridor of the road,
Where should I go?
But I'm on my way, 
and my mind controls(leads) my direction.

        The world is changing all the time, and even if it is normal for changes to happen, weird changes can still shock us. Suddenly, we realize that we live in a world where we need to be armed with the COVID super packet: smart phone, surgical masks and the “green health code”
The art world is also undergoing earth shaking changes. "People in the circle" not only participate in auctions, exhibitions and the creation of art works, but also discuss emerging things such as NFT, metauniverse, digital finance and Blockchain etc.

         Whether it is clear or not, each of us feels that the world has changed, and how should we face these changes? In the 1940s, Willem de Kooning, a pioneer artist of the art movement Abstract Expressionism, handled his emotional changes of the women around him (mainly his mother and wife) by painting. By sketching and then painting, and then sketching on the paint again, and then scraping off the surface, and repeating such painting process like a dance performance, the artist became more aware about the changes in his heart and learned how to accept it after all.

         As the world continues to change, so does our expression of our consciousness, body and mind. de Kooning inspires us that painting can be a way to explore the changes of our inner world. What about you? How will you portray this changing world?


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