Application Deadline: 2023.June.1
Application Notification Date: 2023.June.12-June.15
Installation Date: 2023.July.8- July.14

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Application Guide and Legal Disclaimer

(Please read
Theme of 2023 before submitting this application.)

Registration fee: Each artist, curator, or organization is required to pay a registration fee of 30 yuan.The registration fee is not refundable.

Each artist, designer, and photographer is limited to 5 works, curators are limited to 10 works, and filmmakers are limited to 2 works.

Not less than 100 words.

Not less than 100 words.

Note: Limitation on the size of exhibited works: 2D works shall not exceed 250 * 200 centimeters, and the sculpture/installation parts shall comply with the cargo elevator standards (elevator door size: 110 * 220, elevator car size: 194 * 145 * 280, and lifting capacity: 1350KG). The installation/microfilm equipment shall be provided by the exhibitor. If the exhibitor needs help with receiving artworks and with installing the works, the curatorial team can recommend service person to do so and the cost. Is borne to the exhibitor. Also the exhibitor is responsible for insurance of the works.

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Maximum 10M, file name reference: 2023 Guyu Art Show+name+work name+work material+year of creation+work size+selling price