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GUYU Art Show is an art exhibition founded by Shu Xin Tang · Sheng Art Space. It aims to explore the potential of multiple media, discovering domestic and international young artists, designers, curators and filmmakers. The concept of Gu Yu comes from the 24 solar terms, which expresses the concept of time between man and the natural universe, and contains the long-standing cultural connotation and historical accumulation of China.

The rapid urbanization of Chinese society constantly reshape people's way of living. People shuttle through new vehicles and railway systems, work and live in reinforced glass cement buildings, rarely have the opportunity to look up at the stars, feel the changes of the four seasons.

Guyu Art Show encourages young artists and curators to rethink human life, the function and significance of the city, and the relationship between human and nature. In modern work and life, to find the root of our culture, to find the meaning of our existence in the natural universe.

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