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Sep 2019 – Jun 2021 Royal College of Art Ceramic & Glass Master of Art
Sep 2015 – Jun 2018 Central Saint Martins Ceramic Design Bachelor of Art
Sep 2014 – Jun 2015 University of the Arts London Foundation
Dec. 2021 METANOIA Cromwell Place
July 2021 The Power of Material The Design Museum
July 2021 Behind the Scenes of RCA Sketch, London
Jan. 2020 Work-in-Process Show Royal College of Art 2019
July 2018 Business Design Centre New Designer
June 2018 Show Two: Design Central Saint Martins
Sept. 2017 What Can Ceramics Do? British Ceramic Biennial
My understanding of "The World Had Changed" is breaking people's conventional cognition and the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.
The "Fusion Collection", In addition to restoring meaning, repair can add new functionality and gives new value to breaking. Inspiration comes from destruction and repair. People always think that broken things are not beautiful and cannot be used. Most people's understanding of repair stays in the sense of reduction. And designer have given more value and functionality to fix. Perfect and imperfect are relative, the understanding of the damage in daily life is often imperfect. However, people's understanding of repair usually stays on the meaning of reduction, and they think that repair is a return to perfection. Imperfect and the perfect are interchangeable. The process of repairing broken pieces is also creative. New functionality can also be created while retaining existing usability. The work expresses the designer's understanding of damage and repair by emphasizing the sense of repair after damage and retaining the traces of damage: repair gives new value and function to the damaged things.
The inspiration of "Boundary Collection" is "Yin Yang". On the earth, the significant performance of Yin and Yang are the effects of the sun and the moon on the earth. This is because the movement of the earth itself is the relative movement of the sun and the relative movement of the moon.
Opposites of Yin and Yang mean all things or phenomena exist in the two contradictory aspects. The opposites of Yin and Yang are interdependent, and neither of them can exist alone without the other. Therefore, it may be said that Yang depends on Yin, and Yin depends on Yang, and each makes its existence conditional on the existence of its opposite. Due to the Eastern and Western culture backgrounds, my work is influenced by minimalism to reflect Eastern design aesthetics and philosophy. I believe the concept of modern design style originated from Western design. The Western design’s aesthetic basis is “standard”. In my opinion, pursuing the aesthetic not only focus on the form of the object, but also on the relative relations. I explored the relation of shadow and light to reflect the structure of the object.
Therefore, I chose to use the simplest geometric shape in this collection. By dividing and recombining geometric shapes, I can reflect my understanding of materials. In the design, I use ceramics as a medium to interact with the audience, light, shadow and space.